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Limit stops , rubber buffer for bridge and gantry cranes

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Rubber buffers(BR)designed to mitigate the potential impact of the lifting of the machine stops , and others. Depending on the installation location of the buffer can be mobile , fixed and combined.The moving buffer is attached to the end girders of bridge crane or balancer running trolley frame . On crane trolleys movable buffer secured on the sides of the frame.These buffers are moved when operating a crane with a bridge crane or trolley Fixed buffer set to stop and is mounted at the end of the crane track.Combined buffer are mobile ( mounted on the moving crane ) and fixed ( fixed rigidly to the crane ways ) buffer.Buffers may be single or double acting . Buffer unilateral action is set at the ends of the crane track or bridge crane , and double- action- only trolleys. Double-acting buffer works in both directions of carriage movement and performance can replace two single-acting buffer .The cranes at the speed at the moment of collision with a buffer or stress up to 70 m / min . set elastic buffer spring or spring- mechanical friction buffer , and at speeds over 70 m / min , but less than 160 m / min. used hydraulic buffer . V crane at running speed to the buffer is determined by the following data :

rated speed Vnomcrane, m/min:
less than or equal to 32 (regardless of the type of crane )......................................................................................V=Vnom
more than 32 for bridge crane..................................................................................................................V=0,71Vnom
more than 32 for the tower , partalnogo and gantry cranes , bridge cranes.....................V=0,5Vnom

When calculating buffers believe that the impact of the crane is seen at the same time two buffers established on the end beams ; the potential energy of deformation of the crane hard metal impact buffers for stops negligible compared to the kinetic energy of moving the crane ; in determining the energy,Which should absorb the buffer is not taken into account the kinetic energy of the load on a flexible rake as during the strike of the angle stops cargo cranes in the vertical plane does not change significantly. The basis of calculation is necessary buffers ratio that determines the equality of the kinetic energy of the crane the forces of resistance to movement of the crane on hit:

Ek=n ∫Pbdx+(W+Pt)s,


Where Ek-the estimated kinetic energy of the crane; n=2-the number of buffers; Pb-buffer resistance force; S-full buffer sludge; W-resistance forces crane movement; Pt-brake actuator force movement of the crane , converted to a running wheel rim .

The kinetic energy of the crane Ek=mnV2/2(here mn-the mass of the moving parts of the crane and its mechanism of movement , reduced to the rim running wheel). For the production of buffers used working elements frost-resistant rubber with a tensile strength 4 MPa at break and elongation of 200 % To suit the parameters and geometric dimensions with buffers monolithic elastic rubber working element ( Figure 1 ) . are shown in Table (Table 1 )

  Figure 1.Buffer rubber monolithic operating element:1-work item;2-bolt; 3-patch; 4-shield. 

                                                   Table 1 
Buffer Diameter,mm. maximum stroke,mm. maximum operating force kN. Maximum power consumption of kNm.
BR 60 60 0,020 7,80 0,14
BR 70 70 0,023 10,6 0,16
BR 80 80 0,026 13,81 0,19
BR 90 90 0,029 17,6 0,26
BR 100 100 0,032 20,5 0,32
BR 160 160 0,054 52,5 1,43
BR 200 200 0,069 86,05 3,32
BR 225 225 0,079 107,03 4,5
BR 235 235 0,082 115,42 4,97
BR 250 250 0,088 128 5,68

Location buffer devices on the bridge depends on a number of design capacity.The buffer crane consists of a rubber buffer secured on the end the beams of the bridge over the flange with bolts and lock washers and nuts . The buffer device for the trolley consists of 3 fully welded to a flying beam of the bridge to the palm 4 with bolts and lock washers 5 and 6 with nuts flange 2 secured rubber buffer 1.

Restricting the movement of the crane truck also carried buffer devices located on the span of the bridge girders and crane buffers fixed to the end beams . buffers and buffers the device soften shocks and truck stops on the crane.

Wear rubber buffers leads to deterioration of the entire steel bridge crane. So, in time, replace the end stops or you will have to replace the entire faucet !!!

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